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Areas of Expertise

High Energy Dogs

Many suburban dogs are very bored. Not having enough to do can exacerbate all kinds of undesirable behaviors like jumping up, pulling too hard on leash, being mouthy, chewing, and digging.

While there is no quick fix to make your high-energy dog into a couch-potato, getting your dog to use his brain will help burn off a significant amount of energy. In addition to burning off energy, training with me will teach your dog new coping skills that he can use in problem situations with a little prompting from you!

Leash Reactive Dogs

Dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs or people while on leash are no fun to walk. But never leaving the house is bad for the mental health of a dog, just like it is for people.

Working together, we can significantly improve leash reactivity so that you don't have to dread walking your dog.

Newly Adopted Dogs

When you decide to bring a new dog into your home, you want to have the best possible chance of success! Basic training provides enrichment that will make life more fun! Dogs who know how to listen and learn from their people get to go more places and do more things. They have a freedom that their untrained peers can never have!


My Approach

Your dog will be trained using positive reinforcement for learning new skills and will involve the use of food and/or toys. This approach allows your dog to enjoy and engage with the process. Which skills your dog learns will be tailored to your household and what you need as a family. My goal is to make training fit into your lifestyle while making sure the experience is enjoyable for your dog.

Roosevelt the Beagle
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My Approach
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